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Author's Deposit Agreement 

In submitting this document for electronic storage and public access through the African Higher Education Research Online (AHERO) website, I declare that:

  • this is my own original work, and that I have the right to make it available on the AHERO website*;
  • if this is not the case, I accept full responsibility for any breach of copyright that distributing the file may entail;
  • I grant the administrators of the AHERO site the right to store the file and to make it permanently available publicly for free online.
  • Where necessary, I will instruct AHERO to embargo the full text so that the publisher's rights are protected.

I understand that this permission does not preclude my publishing, or offering it for publication in other media or locations.


Full Name: 
Date: 21 January 2021
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* AHERO will assume that clearance has been obtained from any co-authors.