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Depositing texts in AHERO

Submitting authors should note the following steps and guidelines which provide an overview.  A printable one-page Step-by-Step Guide is also available.

Steps for Authors

  1. Depositing authors must first register themselves on the site (see the box on the right hand side of this page). This enables us to contact you, should this be necessary. When you register, you will be able to deposit papers and subscribe to email alerts.
  2. As soon as you register, you will be taken to the Submissions wizard, which walks you through the process.
  3. As part of the submission process, authors are required to confirm and approve the Author Declaration and Permission Statement (click to view text of the Declaration)
  4. Authors supply title, full authorship details, and an abstract before attaching the electronic document (pdf, Word, or text).  Submitting authors also provide publication/conference details where this is not explicit from the electronic file.

What happens next?

  1. The submission is reviewed by the AHERO Administrator to ensure that the content is relevant and that the submission forms a complete communication. AHERO will only accept resources that adhere to these criteria.
  2. The document is then indexed with keywords to enhance its accessibility via the Web.
  3. Finally, the document is uploaded to the AHERO server so that it is publicly available. Since the metadata is exposed to Web search engines, including Google, searchers do not need to know about AHERO in order to uncover your paper/s. 

Copyright information

  1. Authors retain copyright for their texts. Users may print out copies, download and save the files, and make copies available for research and teaching purposes. Author acknowledgement and attribution of the source of the information is required for such usage. See the Copyright information that is posted on every page of the AHERO site.
  2. With regard to published journal articles, many publishers now permit the self-archiving of pre- and post-prints (ie, pre-refereeing and final draft post-refereeing, respectively). A searchable directory with explicit advice from each publisher is available at http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo.php.
  3. If a publisher's policy on self-archiving is not known, AHERO will liaise with the publisher on your behalf for permission to reproduce the text. Contact us with your query: cshe@uwc.ac.za
  4. Alternatively, you may elect to embargo the text of the published article when depositing the file.  Visitors to AHERO will find the abstract and may examine the list of references.  Should they wish to access the full text, they may make use of the "Request ePrint" button appearing alongside the abstract.  The AHERO Administrator will then forward you the request for your text. 

Further Information 

See also the FAQ section on this site.  Additional queries should be directed to CSHE staff via the Contact details provided.

For more information about self-archiving, read  "The Self-Archiving Initiative" by Stevan Harnad, available from the Nature website: