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Step-by-step guide to depositing texts on AHERO

A. Preliminary steps

  • Choose the menu option Depositing texts
  • Click on the word “Register” (appears in red on the right hand side)
  • Complete the registration form and submit it
  • You are immediately taken to the submissions page

B. Depositing your paper (a series of screens that prompt your response)

  • Indicate whether the text has been peer-reviewed or not
  • Select the most appropriate description of the document type from a drop-down list (article, chapter, conference paper, policy document etc)
  • Read the Deposit Agreement and confirm your agreement
  • Fill in the form with details about your paper
  • Provide a short abstract
  • Lastly, locate the text on your computer and press the Upload button
  • Indicate whether we should embargo the full text of your paper

Your deposit has been made. You are prompted whether you would like to load another paper so that the steps at B are repeated.

The editors at AHERO then process your paper and make it available via the AHERO website.  This should take no more than 2 days and is often immediate
Subsequent deposits
  • Go to Depositing texts menu option
  • Log in using the user name and password you chose when you registered (If you have forgotten this you may request it to be reset for you)
  • Then follow the regular Deposit procedures (steps in B above)
Contact AHERO on cshe@uwc.ac.za should you encounter any difficulties.

Thank you for your contribution to AHERO.