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AHERO is administered by the Centre for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE) at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.  The East Africa Institute for Higher Education Studies and Development at Makerere University (Kampala, Uganda) is a project partner actively involved in recruiting texts for the archive.

The project aims to improve the visibility, utility and impact of existing studies and research on the practice of higher education in Africa. The focus of AHERO is on texts that are relevant to the study, practice and administration of higher education at a professional level.  Analytical and theoretical papers are also invited as a means of advancing the field of higher education studies.

The success of the project depends on the willingness of experts and researchers to share their knowledge by contributing their papers to the digital library.  This is done by uploading papers to the website.  In this way a central body of knowledge and experience becomes available.

Because AHERO is based upon standards developed by the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), deposited papers are retrievable by Google and other search engines.  It is likely that these papers will be more widely discovered, read and cited.

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Depositing Texts
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Technical information
The AHERO platform was developed by the Free Software Innovation Unit at the University of the Western Cape.   The programme is available via AVOIR (African Virtual Initiatives and Resources) at http://oldavoir.uwc.ac.za/avoir/index.php?module=cms&action=page&id=gen12Srv48Nme23_203

Service providers may harvest AHERO metadata using the base URL http://ahero.uwc.ac.za/lib/oai/oai2.php


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