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AHERO is an open access archive of texts that focus on the study, practice and governance of higher education in Africa. 

The collection includes research reports, journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, working papers, booklets, and policy documents. All the resources have been submitted by the authors and are reproduced with their permission. 

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Practitioners, researchers and scholars are invited to contribute their texts to AHERO. Depositing a paper takes only a few minutes (see the Step-by-Step Guide).  See also the About, FAQ and Depositing Texts sections for more information. 

Recent Additions

Theoretical framework of the factors affecting university academic's job satisfactionBasak, SJ; Govender, DW2015
Implications of evolving economic Ideology and higher education access policy for Africa, 1960- 2010Omwami, Edith Mukudi2015
Institutional ranking in a differentiated higher education in South AfricaNtshoe, I.M; Selesho, J.M.2014
Valuing teaching in University academic promotionsSubbaye, Reshma; Vithal, Renuka; North, Delia2013
Performance Contracting as a Paradigm Shift in the Utilization of Teaching & Learning Resources. Perceptions of Tutors from selected Technical Institutes in Kenya.Mosomi, Biutha2014