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Brain drain in African academic libraries: a survey

Abiodun I, Ibraheem; Christopher, Devine

This study was intended to identify and assess the extent and impact of the emigration of professional librarians on every university library in Anglophone Africa as well as the attitudes of library administrators toward national and international programs that have been or might be designed to make use of the skills of librarians in the African Diaspora.The research was conducted by use of an online survey that was sent to 121 African academic libraries.The study conclusively demonstrated that African academic libraries have been impacted – both positively and negatively – by the effects of the “brain drain”. It also revealed that the administrators of these libraries are highly receptive to the possibility of working with African emigrant librarians in various forms (i.e. permanent, temporary, virtual) of structured “return programs”



Title of Paper: Brain drain in African academic libraries: a survey

Document Type:Other ()
Subject Area:Contributory Studies and Research Approaches
Country:African Continent
Keywords:Libraries, Library and Information Services LIS, Librarians, Brain Drain

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Date Added:15 August 2013

Abiodun I. Ibraheem, Christopher Devine, (2013)