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The reflective practitioner: a model for staff development ?

Luckett, Kathy

In this article, the author attempts to respond to and to develop further Prozesky's call for  "deliberative, effective staff development strategies" which achieve high levels of teaching competence ( Prozesky 1995:45 ).  The author's response is made from the perspective of her own position as researcher in the Tertiary Education Studies Unit with a responsibility for facilitating and servicing staff development and curriculum development in the university.  The author suggests in this article that Prozesky's suggested method of  voluntary self-improvement is likely to fall short in practice.  She tries to develop a model of staff development which takes into account the nature of educational theory and practice.  Building on the work of other researchers Luckett identifies six stages that lecturers move through in their teaching careers.  The question which Luckett's article seeks to address is " what might be an appropriate method of staff development to improve levels of teaching and learning?"         

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Title of Paper: The reflective practitioner: a model for staff development ?

Document Type:Other (Not Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Staff
Country:South Africa
Keywords:Staff Training, Models, Curriculum Development, Academic Staff, Educational Theory, Practitioner Based Research, Reflective Practices, Professional Development

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Additional information:This paper is the author's final draft. It later appeared in Journal of Education, 21: 5-16
Date Added:29 March 2007

Luckett, Kathy (1996). The reflective practitioner: a model for staff development ?