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South Africa: challenges of racism and access

Sehoole, Chika

At the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, South Africa's higher education sector made national and international news headlines. At the end of 2011, the University of Pretoria was hit by allegations of apparent racism among its staff, where a black engineering professor alleged systematic harassment and victimization, on racial grounds. At the beginning of the 2012 academic year, a black parent was killed in a stampede at the gates of the University of Johannesburg, where crowds of prospecitive students had gathered in the quest to get admission into this university. These two incidents-namely, allegation of racism and the quest for access especially of black students in higher education - are just a few examples of the challenges that South African experiences in meeting some of the priority areas identified by the postapartheid goverment, in 2004.

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Document Title: South Africa: challenges of racism and access
Journal: International Higher Education
Volume: 68
Issue: Summer

Document Type:Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Contributory Studies and Research Approaches
Keywords:South Africa, Challenges, Racism, Racial Discrimination, Racial Diversity

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Date Added:11 July 2012

Sehoole, Chika (2012), South Africa: challenges of racism and access, International Higher Education Number 68, Summer 2012,