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Implementing outcomes-based education in a South African university

Luckett, Kathy; Luckett, Sid

In this paper the authors present as a case study a process of action research in curriculum development undertaken by academic staff of the School of Rural Community Development (SRCD) and facilitated by a staff development practitioner at the University of Natal . The purpose of the case study is to illustrate and reflect on how an outcomes-based approach to curriculum development and student assessment was used to improve a programme for the professional/ vocational education of rural development practitioners. The authors suggest that whilst many academics may view the requirement to have all qualifications validated by the South African Qualifications Authority and registered on the National Qualifications Framework in an outcomes-based format within the next two years as an encroachment on their “academic freedom”, that, provided they, in higher education, are allowed to do so in their own terms, that the exercise could prove to be beneficial to students and meaningful for those committed to improving their teaching.

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Document Title: Implementing outcomes-based education in a South African university
Institution: University of Natal
City and Country: Pietermaritzburg

Document Type:Paper (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Teaching and Learning
Keywords:Outcomes Based Education OBE, South African Universities, Action Research, Curriculum Development, Curriculum Design, Experiential Learning, Models

File Size:122 KB
Additional information:This is the author's final draft. The paper achieved publication in Academic Development, 4(1): 125-154
Date Added:27 March 2007

Luckett, Kathy; Luckett, Sid (1999). Implementing outcomes-based education in a South African university Presented at the SAARDHE Conference, 1997