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Evoluation of Botswana planning education in light of Local and International requirements

Cavrić, Branko

Planning problems have been with us ever since human beings realised that their wellbeing is very closely linked to the quality of their settlements and the environment. Over the last century this has led to the worldwide emergence of built environment education in general, and planning in particular. In many African universities planning education is a rapidly growing phenomenon reaching its maturity in terms of structure and number of programs. This development has been most significant in those countries that underwent rapid urbanisation and environmental changes similar to those occurring in Botswana. The first Urban and Regional Planning Programme at the University of Botswana was established in 1993 as part of the Department of Environmental Science at the Faculty of Science. The continued growth and expansion of the planning profession world-wide as well as in Botswana, and its interdisciplinary ties with allied built-environment disciplines, have reached the point at which the University of Botswana is ready to continue with a new internationally recognized planning school. There is a belief that a combined (spatial and specialist) accredited planning programme should support local and regional interests, focusing on the Southern African Region, while acknowledging global standards and innovation in teaching, research, and technology.

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Document Title: Evoluation of Botswana planning education in light of Local and International requirements
Journal: SPATIUM International Review
Volume: 25
No. of Pages: 30-38

Document Type:Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:National Systems and Comparative Studies
Keywords:Planning, Higher Education and Development, Higher Education, Higher Education and the State, Higher Education Institutions HEI s, Botswana

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Date Added:07 December 2011

Evoluation of Botswana planning education in light of local and international requirements