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Egyptian private higher education at a crossroads

Levy, Daniel C; Sabry, Manar

The revolution that toppled the Mubarak regime opens the door to uncertain political, economic, and social futures. These futures will condition higher education outcomes. One important development to scrutinize is the fate of private higher education. Will the private sector see continued growth or be constrained by political populism or take some different course altogether? Revolutions have often been antithetical to private higher education.

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Document Title: Egyptian private higher education at a crossroads
Journal: International Higher Education
Volume: 59
Issue: Spring
No. of Pages: 13-15

Document Type:Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:National Systems and Comparative Studies
Keywords:Academic Development, Aims of Higher Education, Private Higher Education, Privatisation of Higher Education, Policy Tensions, Political Activism, Political Ideologies, Political Leaders, Programme Development

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Date Added:29 September 2011

Egyptian Private Higher Education at a Crossroads