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The World Bank's perspective on African higher education

Teferra, Damtew

Accelerating Catch-up, a 2008 third major installment by the World Bank on higher education in Africa, further liberates the continent from the yokes of the imposed, and most importantly, its own flawed intellectual discourse that gripped the system for a long time. The report is indeed a welcome boost to several other voices that have always recognized the critical role of higher education on development but is a far cry from the World Bank's position in the past. It now declares “neglecting tertiary education could seriously jeopardize SSA's [sub-Saharan Africa's] longer-term growth prospects, and slow progress toward MDGs, [Millennium Development Goals] many of which require tertiary-level training to implement.” This is indeed a major turnaround from the time when higher education was declared a luxury the continent could ill-afford.

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Document Title: The World Bank's perspective on African higher education
Journal: International Higher Education
Volume: 54
Issue: Winter

Document Type:Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Contributory Studies and Research Approaches
Country:African Continent
Keywords:Aims of Higher Education, Aid to Higher Education, Quality, Quality Assurance, Private Higher Education, World Bank Policies, World Bank Projects

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Date Added:28 September 2011

The World Bank's perspective on African higher education