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The professionalism of professors at German Fachhochshulen

Vogel, Michael

In the debate about the (de-)professionalising effects of current higher education reforms in Germany, the non-university institutions (Fachhochschulen or FH) have mostly remained silent. Unlike the university professors, FH professors do not seem to regard managerial and market-oriented reforms as a threat to their professionalism. While the reasons may not be hard to find, the question arises as to how the FH professors construct their professional ideal. Based on a survey, this article develops a model of the FH professors’ normative professionalism, analyses what prevents them from achieving it, and finds that the professors perceive their substantial teaching obligation as the principal threat to their professionalism.

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Document Title: The professionalism of professors at German Fachhochshulen
Journal: Studies in Higher Education
Volume: 34
Issue: 8
No. of Pages: 873-888

Document Type:Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Research
Keywords:Higher Education, Higher Education Reform, Higher Education Research, Professionalism, Professors, Teaching

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Date Added:21 September 2011

The professionalism of professors at German Fachhochshulen