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The Way Forward with the Student Climate Survey

Luescher, Thierry


Studies of the institutional culture of UCT have formed part of the ongoing task of documenting transformation at UCT. Invariably they have tried to address themselves to ways by which diversity is perceived at UCT by its constituent staff and students. The latest study of this kind is commonly known as the Student Climate Survey (SCS) of 2004. This report to the UCT Transformation Management Advisory Group (TMAG) summarises and discusses the findings of the SCS in relation to previous institutional culture studies of UCT and quantitative data available from the Institutional Planning Office. The report interrogates the validity of student claims and perceptions of UCT’s institutional climate, raises in the discussion of these claims critical questions that require policy decisions, and eventually presents a limited number of proposals for immediate and medium-term interventions.

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Document Title: The Way Forward with the Student Climate Survey
Project Title: UCT Transformation Management Advisory Group (TMAG)
Institution: University of Cape Town
City and Country: Cape Town, South Africa

Document Type:Research Report (Not Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Institutional Management
Country:South Africa
Keywords:Institutional Culture, Student Perception, Student Attitudes, University of Cape Town UCT

File Size:232 KB
Additional information:Report to the Transformation Management Advisory Group 30 May 2005 (Final Version)
Date Added:11 March 2011

Luescher, Thierry (2005). The Way Forward with the Student Climate Survey