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Globalisation and social sciences in Africa

Sawyerr, Akilagpa


This paper is the published Presidential Address to the Ninth Assembly of CODESRIA , December 1998, Dakar, Senegal. The author discusses the term "gobalisation" within the contexts of the international economy and the political arena. It is stated that the core feature of globalisation is the increasingly integrated cross-border organisation of economic and financial activity across the globe.

The author poses the questions - To what extent is globalization a new phenomenon, marking a qualitative change from the past? Or is it merely the quickening of past trends in the process of capital accumulation on a global scale? Different views are discussed.  It is stated that globalisation has had and continues to exert a profound impact on contemporary life and development. The author identifies the implications of these developments for sub-Saharan Africa and discusses the consequences of it being inserted into a global international economy. It is concluded that the typical sub-Saharan African economy has been structured to fit into, firstly, the colonial and then the global economy under the pressure of the spread of capitalist production and social relations. The author explains why globalisation has been devastating for sub-Saharan African economies.

Sawyerr emphasises the erosion of the capacity of the marginalised and dependent sub-Saharan African state to generate enough production, savings and investment to ensure sustainable development and to provide for the basic needs of its own. At the same time states are constrained by international institutions and arrangements which reinforce and seek to extend the openness and dependence of their economies.     



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Document Title: Globalisation and social sciences in Africa

Document Type:Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Contributory Studies and Research Approaches
Country:African Continent
Keywords:Globalisation, Social Sciences, Sub Saharan Africa, International Monetary Fund IMF, World Trade Organisation WTO, European Union EU, Investment,

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Additional information:Presidential address to the Ninth General Assembly of CODESRIA, December 1998, Dakar, Senegal
Date Added:13 February 2007

Sawyerr, Akilagpa (1999). Globalisation and social sciences in Africa. African Sociological Review, 3(1):1-19