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Introduction to special issue: higher education - industry research partnerships and innovation in South Africa

Kruss, Glenda; Moeketsi, Letseka

In this Introduction to a special issue of Industry & Higher Education, the authors discuss the importance of innovation and economic growth in South Africa. The country expresses strong aspirations in developing a national system of innovation. Its government policy is shaped by its historical, economic, political and social conditions. This is evident in competing national demands for global economic competitiveness, sustainable development and equity. Since 1994, the government has prioritized repositioning higher education to contribute to global technological and economic competitiveness through policy that is strongly framed in terms of developing a knowledge economy in South Africa. Networks, partnerships and collaborations between higher education insitutions and industry are seen as the primary means in addressing higher education's role in South African policy. ' Partnership ' is viewed as the key means for higher education insitutions to achieve greater responsiveness. The authors pose the questions " What are the forms and shapes of partnerships?", " What are the determinants? ", " What kind of changes and benefits are they bringing about in higher education and industry? " and  " What kind of changes need to be brought about if partnerships are to contribute to innovation and to economic development in South Africa specifically? ". This special issue comprises of reports on a case-study research that offer critical debates on innovation capabilities and highlight efforts to locate South Africa's national system of innovation in the highly differentiated global playing field.

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Document Title: Introduction to special issue: higher education - industry research partnerships and innovation in South Africa
No. of Pages: 104-108

Document Type:Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Research
Country:South Africa
Keywords:South Africa, Higher Education, Industry and Higher Education, Networks, Partnerships, Policy, Knowledge economy, Responsiveness, Innovation, Economic Development, Comparative Research

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Kruss, Glenda; Moeketsi, Letseka (2005). Introduction to Special issue: higher education - Industry research partnerships and innovation in South Africa, Industry & Higher Education, April 19:104-108