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Funding the Nigerian university education: the role of the various stakeholders.

Onuka, Adams O.U.

This paper addresses the issue of funding the education sector which has assumed the centre-stage of discourse of education in Nigeria in recent times with particular reference to the Nigerian university system. The study sampled various stakeholders in the sector including parents, university management and administrators, students, academic staff, tax-payers, company executives with a view to determining the level to which funds are available to the university system in Nigeria, the adequacy of the funds to the needs of the system in order to produce the necessary quality graduates for national development and what could be done to ameliorated the shortfall in the current level funding the Nigerian university. Percentages and chi-square statistic were used to analyse the data .Among the findings were that the current level of funding the system is insufficient, the burden of funding is almost solely on government and parents, most of whom live below poverty line, the corporate bodies are seemingly averse to funding and would rather prefer to sponsor sports and other shows such as gambling that easily attract publicity. And that the present rot in the sector is largely due to lack of sufficient fund to finance the sector. Recommendations were made based these findings: corporate world in Nigeria, apart their contribution to the Education Task Fund, should invest in university education to ensure the production of quality graduates to be absorbed by them. Government should put more funds into the university system in order to address frontally the current abysmal decadence in the system. The greatly endowed individuals should endow these institution and fund researches as well.

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Document Title: Funding the Nigerian university education: the role of the various stakeholders.
Institution: Institute of Education, University of Ibadan
City and Country: Ibadan, Nigeria

Document Type:Paper (Not Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Finance and Physical Resources
Keywords:Financing Higher Education, Quality Assurance, Stakeholders, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, Institutional Management

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Rights:Permission granted by author
Date Added:29 September 2009

Onuka, Adams O.U. (2009). Funding the Nigerian university education: the role of the various stakeholders.Ibadan: Institute of Education, University of Ibadan.