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Achieving sustainable development through women's leadership positions in higher institutions.

Okecha, R.E.; Idogho, P.O.

The paper examines the invaluable role women would play when given opportunity to occupy leadership positions in Nigerian higher institutions. Women are indispensable in the development of any nation because they have managerial abilities. Both men and women occupy leadership positions at this level, but only a few women occupy managerial and academic positions. The women have been relegated to the background. Based on this assumption, the study was carried out in order to ascertain the opinion of university staff towards women's leadership positions at higher institutions and to further observe if the university members of staff want women to occupy leadership positions and if they differ in their views. The respondents comprised 230 male and 210 female staff of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma. The study revealed that the majority of the staff were in favour of women aspiring for leadership positions for it would enhance productivity and, invariably, sustainable development. It was asserted that women were better managers in their homes and they have first hand information about their husbands. Women could do better if given the chance. High level of illiteracy, lack of finance, obnoxious cultural practices and sexism among others were factors militating against women aspiring for leadership positions. Sustainable development can only be achieved when these factors are eliminated or reduced to the barest minimum.

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Title of Paper: Achieving sustainable development through women's leadership positions in higher institutions.
Conference Name: HERPNET-KIU International Conference on Research in African Higher Education for Sustainable Development.
Conference Date: 2009-08-20
Published as Proceedings: no

Document Type:Conference Paper (Not Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Institutional Management
Keywords:Academic Leadership, Gender Equality, Gender Equity, Gender Inequality, Equality, Equity, Women in Higher Education, Women workers, Leadership, Leadership Qualities, Leadership Skills, Institutional Management, Institutional Leaders, Sustainable Development, Higher Education and Development, Higher Education

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Date Added:24 August 2009

Okecha, R.E.; Idogho, P.O. (2009). Achieving sustainable development through women's leadership positions in higher institutions.Paper presented at HERPNET-KIU International Conference on Ressearch in African Higher Education for Sustainable Development in Kampala.