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When and how CD-ROM technology is a preferred option to mitigate the tyranny of distance.

Gatimu, Kiranga

The prelude to introduction of cost- sharing policy in public universities in Kenya was evidently the finest days for both the university students and management. Students received substantial allowances from the government . However, with the implementation of structural adjustment in the late 1980’s and early 1990‘s all that changed and instead the new policies set off the strategy of gradual reduction of subventions . At the same time, pressure was applied to university management to introduce income-generating programmes in line with practical application of knowledge capitalism theory. The assumption is that the part-time and full-time learners receive comparable library services and work in comparable academic environments. During the management of these programmes, it has become evident that part-time students have needs unique to part-time learners removed from the teaching institution As such, they can benefit from library services for the most part in the moths of April, August and December. The paper reports on-going activity in the Department of Educational Management Policy and Curriculum Studies to facilitate availability of open content study materials to part-time learners. Utilisation of CD-ROM technology might sound retrogressive in the world of virtual learning at Kenyatta University elearning Centre. However, the sheer isolation experienced by part-time learners and lack of access to electronic library resources once they leave university campus in contrast with their full-time counterparts. CD-ROM technology remains a viable mobile library option for off-site learners scattered widely in the countryside with little or no access to library resources.

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Title of Paper: When and how CD-ROM technology is a preferred option to mitigate the tyranny of distance.
Conference Name: 1st Kenya University Research Conference
Conference Date: 0000-00-00
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Document Type:Conference Paper (Not Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Teaching and Learning
Keywords:Distance Learning, E Learning, Electronic Resources, Kenyatta University, Kenya, Learning, , ICT (Information & Communication Technology), Library and Information Services LIS

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Date Added:01 June 2009

Gatimu, Kiranga (2009). When and how CD-ROM technology is a preferred option to mitigate the tyranny of distance. Paper presented at 1st Kenyatta University Research Conference.