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ICTs and youths: benefits and challenges.

Bakkabulindi, Fred E. K.

This Paper outlines benefits of Technology in the form of new and better products, new uses of old products, new or improved processes, faster methods of doing things; in cutting time to produce products, increased efficiency and reduced cost of production. In particular the Paper raises several ICT benefits for the youths mainly communication, education and employment. However several challenges to full use of ICT were raised, including implied costs; keeping up-to-date with ever changing technology; and abuse. The author suggests that the above challenges can to be removed by governments if youth are to fully enjoy ICT benefits. Afro-Arab nations in particular and developing ones in general must target to fully embrace ICTs and other technologies in their economies particularly their educational institutions via improvement of telecommunications infrastructure, making power supply more adequate and reducing costs of access to such facilities.

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Document Title: ICTs and youths: benefits and challenges.
Journal: Nkumba Business Journal
Volume: 8
No. of Pages: 51-58

Document Type:Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Contributory Studies and Research Approaches
Keywords:ICT (Information & Communication Technology), Crime, Challenges, Student behaviour, Social Values

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Rights:Permission granted by author and publisher
Date Added:07 May 2009

Bakkabulindi, Fred E. K. (2009). ICTs and youths: benefits and challenges. Nkumba Business Journal. vol.8 pp.51-58.