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The Plausability of Evaluation of Teaching.

Mande, Wilson Muyinda


The assumption that teaching effectiveness equals learning effectiveness, or that evaluating teaching effectiveness always serves the purpose of improving students' learning may be an oversimplification of very complex issues. The aims of this paper are three; to explain the concept of teaching effectiveness especially in higher education, to examine the means by which teaching effectiveness is evaluated, and to asses whether the purposes of evaluation are directly related to teaching effectiveness. These aims in a way answer the question: Is it valuable to evaluate teaching effectiveness in higher education? The paper provides a critical explanation of teaching effectiveness and the means by which teaching effectiveness is evaluated and examined. An investigation is made of the relationship between the purposes of evaluation and teaching effectiveness and an examination as to whether evaluation of teaching effectiveness facilitates students' learning. Finally a conclusion is drawn pointing out the major arguments raised and also encouraging that evaluation of teaching effectiveness should continue in spite of the divergent opinions on the matter.


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Document Title: The Plausability of Evaluation of Teaching.
Journal: Nkumba Business Journal
Volume: 4
No. of Pages: 152-169

Document Type:Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Teaching and Learning
Keywords:Assessment, Evaluation, Evaluation Methods, Learning, Teacher Evaluation, Teaching, Teaching Quality

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Mande, Wilson Muyinda (2002). The Plausability of Evaluation of Teaching.Nkumba Business Journal Vol.4 pp.152-169