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Costs and financing of higher education in Francophone Africa

Brossard, Mathieu; Foko, Borel

This book expands and follows up on a conference  called " Higher Education for Francophone Africa's development ", 2006 which was held in Burkino Faso.  It provides comparative data on the costs and financing of higher education in a large number of Francophone countries.  Specific problems that are common to each region are highlighted as well as the measures taken to address and alleviate the funding crisis.  The book is divided into two parts: Part one discusses the expenditures on higher education in Francophone countries. It contains graphs, tables and figures and a case study on Cameroon is included. The authors demonstrate how, in many of these countries, financing the quantitative expansion of higher education was implicitly done by decreasing public expenditure per student.   Part two identifies the constraints of and potential scope for developing higher education systems in Francophone Africa.  Brossard and Fako explore several strategic tools that would make it possible to improve the quality and performance of higher education systems while planning their development.  Ways to reduce social expenditures so that the current efficiency of higher education services may be increased are included in the discussion.

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Title of Paper: Costs and financing of higher education in Francophone Africa
Publisher: World Bank
City: Washington DC, USA.

Document Type:Book (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Finance and Physical Resources
Country:African Continent
Keywords:Costs, Financing of Higher Education, Francophone Africa, Expenditure, Comparative Studies, Public Expenditure, Higher Education Systems, Budgets

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Date Added:14 July 2008

Brossard, Mathieu; Foko, Borel (2008). Costs and financing of higher education in Francophone Africa The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank, Washington DC, USA.