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Staff retention in African universities: elements of a sustainable strategy

Tettey, Wisdom J.

The purpose of this study is to identify mechanisms for university staff retenton that are feasible in Africa under currently severe financial constraints and to gauge their effectiveness in offsetting the risk of staff loss commonly associated with capacity building efforts in Africa.  The recommendations are based on case studies of five Anglophone universities in sub-Saharan Africa.  The case study institutions are: University of Botswana, University of Ghana, University of Ibadan ( Nigeria), University of Kwazulu-Natal ( South Africa) and Makerere University ( Uganda).  The author bases the study on the fact that Africa is losing its intellectual capital and in the process, it is unable to compete with its counterparts.  Due to a vast array of factors, much of the expertise base of African universities has been eroded to the extent that there is not enough capacity to provide quality training.  In this report the author attempts to explain these factors, analyse the various case study institutions' approach in addressing these factors as well as suggests feasible responses to the problem.  Specific fields of expertise which are most affected by brain drain are discussed.  The methodology used by the author comprised of survey questionnaires that were distributed amongst all academic staff in the targeted disciplines at each of the selected universities.  Personal interviews were also conducted.
The report concludes with suggestions for remedial action, based on good practises from around the world and African countries in particular.  Various mechanisms that may be adopted for enhancing recruitment and retention within institutions of higher education are suggested.          

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Document Title: Staff retention in African universities: elements of a sustainable strategy
Institution: World Bank
City and Country: Washington DC., USA.

Document Type:Research Report (Not Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Staff
Country:African Continent
Keywords:Academic Staff, Staff Retention, Recruitment, Universities, Developing countries, Brain Drain, Good Practice

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Date Added:10 July 2008

Tettey, Wisdom J. (2006). Staff retention in African universities: elements of a sustainable strategy, Commissioned by the World Bank, Washington DC, USA.