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Management of workforce diversity: issues and lessons for organizations

Maicibi, Alhas Nok

Variety is the spice of life. There are differences among human beings with regards sex, gender, race, colour, attitude, personality, to mention but a few. This heterogeneity in people causes them to react to such actions, events and situations differently. Consequently, in the case of scholars , policies affect them differently because of differences in their interests, needs, wants and aspirations. The modern rational organization manager should recognise and accommodate these differences rather than make attempts at minimizing them and down playing on their existence. The recognition and
accommodation of the differences in employees of an organization is what is implied in diversity management. This article, therefore, highlights issues in and lessons on management of diversity in organizations. It concludes with emphasis that organizations should strive to increase its employees' diversity and use the diverse workforce to its benefits. Finally, the article provides the way forward for proper management of a diverse workforce.

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Document Title: Management of workforce diversity: issues and lessons for organizations
Institution: Kampala International University
City and Country: Kampala, Uganda

Document Type:Paper (Not Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Institutional Management
Keywords:Academic Management, Academic Values, Diversity, Discrimination, Workers, Working Class, Uganda, Kampala International University

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Rights:Permission granted by author
Date Added:05 June 2008

Maicibi, Alhas Nok (2008). Management of workforce diversity:issues and lessons for organizations