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The impact of HIV and AIDS on higher education institutions in Uganda

Katahoire, Anne R.; Kirumira, Edward K.

This study aimed to gain an in-depth understanding of the escalating problem of HIV and AIDS and its perceived impact on higher education institutions in Uganda.   The national teachers' colleges and Makerere University were chosen as case studies whereby academic, administrative and support staff as well as students' perceptions of the disease were recorded.  A survey design was adopted to assess how the higher education sector in Uganda has responded to HIV and AIDS.  The findings showed that HIV and AIDS is not perceived as a major dilemma as there are other more significant issues that called for immediate attention such as the lack of resources, inadequate infrastructure and low staff salaries.  The case study institutions failed to keep any data on AIDS - related diseases or deaths, which contributes to camouflaging the true magnitude of the problem.  The authors conclude that policies on HIV and AIDS are important for meaningful and sustained responses to the epidemic as they provide an environment in which suitable responses to the challenges of the disease can develop.  The lack of such policy is therefore an issue of major concern as its absence also contributed to discrimination against infected staff members.  Furthermore, the authors recommend that  HIV and AIDS prevention education programmes and services should be made available to staff members.  Appropriate information systems that are sensitive to HIV and AIDS should be developed.           

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Document Title: The impact of HIV and AIDS on higher education institutions in Uganda
Project Title: Education in the context of HIV and AIDS
Institution: International Institute for Educational Planning ( IIEP ), UNESCO
City and Country: Paris, France

Document Type:Research Report (Not Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:National Systems and Comparative Studies
Keywords:HIV AIDS, HIV AIDS and Education, Higher Education Institutions HEI s, Health Policies, Makerere University, Uganda, Student Perception, Staff, Case studies, Student Attrition, Institutional Behaviour

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Date Added:15 May 2008

Katahoire, Anne R.; Kirumira, Edward K. (2008). The impact of HIV and AIDS on higher education institutions in Uganda International Institute for Educational Planning, UNESCO, Paris, France