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Economic growth and the need for expanded tertiary education in Ghana

Ayisi, Gabriel A.

This study investigated the expansion of the tertiary education sub-sector and how it could be made developmentally oriented to foster economic growth.  The author gathered relevant data by means of personal observation, archival studies and interviews with government officials, academic staff, students as well as school administrators at private institutions.  Many respondents believed that the provision of higher education in Ghana is inadequate, but that the Ghanaian government is also unable to maintain the existing public universities due to the poor economic state of the country.  The study revealed that science and technology education is limited by the lack of resources which prevents most students wishing to pursue these courses from doing so.  Ayisi asserts that this impedes economic development in Ghana.  The interviews also revealed the belief that government should invite and encourage individuals and private organisations to assist in the provision of tertiary education.  Lack of efficient resources such as computers and science equipment impede the production of essential technical, scientific and managerial manpower to lead the economy.  The outcome of this study encourages full participation and integration of colleges, universities and professional schools in local, state and regional economic planning.   The thesis contains tables, figures and appendices.                

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Document Title: Economic growth and the need for expanded tertiary education in Ghana
Academic Department: Education
University: Columbia University, USA
City: New York
No. of Pages: 231

Document Type:Thesis (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:National Systems and Comparative Studies
Keywords:Economic Growth, Tertiary Education, Ghana, Private Higher Education, Higher Education Reform, Ghana, Manpower, Science and Technology

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Rights:Permission to use this thesis was granted by the author.
Date Added:14 May 2008

Ayisi, Gabriel A. (2001). Economic growth and the need for expanded tertiary education in Ghana Phd thesis, Columbia University, U.S.A.