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Education institutions in decentralization.

Nakanyike, B. Musisi; Atim, David Kenneth; Ngabu, William Kwemara; Mukunya, Francis

The provision of education services is an ideal activity that can be decentralized to the districts. The first paper analyses the role of Makerere University higher education in meeting the human resource needs of decentralization. Successful decentralization depends on adoption of creative development as well as innovative human resource training at Makerere University that anticipates skill and knowledge requirements of decentralized governance. The second paper outlines the role of community education in mobilizing for effective decentralized civic action. The Makerere Education Extension Department can play a critical role in harnessing community talents and experience through adult and community education programmes. The third paper assesses the needs for the retraining and reequipping of the extension workers. Extension workers are the channels through which new knowledge from research centres is conveyed to grassroot households and new research needs are returned to research centres. The roles of extension workers need to be attuned to the context of decentralization. The fourth paper explores how primary education services have been affected by decentralization. Many primary schools and secondary schools are located in the districts
serving the needs of the community. There is also the challenge of coping with the  demands for universal primary education.

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Chapter Title: Education institutions in decentralization.
Book Title: Decentralization and transformation of governance in Uganda
Edited by: Asiimwe, Delius; Nakanyike B. Musisi
City: Kampala, Uganda
Publisher: Makerere Institute of Social Research, Makerere University
No. of Pages: 125 -160

Document Type:Chapter in Book (Not Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Institutional Management
Keywords:Uganda, Transformation, Transformation of higher education , Decentralisation, Development of Higher Education, Governance, Globalisation and Higher Education, Higher Education and Development, Higher Education and the State,

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Nakanyike, B. Musisi; Atim, David Kenneth; Ngabu, William Kwemara; Mukunya, Francis (2004). Education institutions in decentralization.In Decentralization and Transformation of Governance in Uganda. Kampala, Uganda: Makerere Institute of Social Research. 2004 pp.125-160