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Higher education and social transformation: South Africa case study

Reddy, Thiven

This report is organised into three sections, namely an analysis of the main features of higher education under white domination with particular emphasis on student protest.  Reddy draws attention to a combination of factors that produced conditions during the mid-1980's which gave rise to contestable rules that were challenged from various quarters.  The second part locates post-Apartheid developments in higher education in relation to the nature of the transition and the macro-economic context adopted post-1994.  The author maintains that during this period the terrain of the agenda for transformation in South Africa was the site of many contestations.  It was a time during which the majority of citizens struggled to exercise their rights under the new constitution and accessing the resources available in society. The third section analyses the relations between State policies, university responses to higher education reform, and their empirical impact on the economic, political, social, and cultural spheres of post-Apartheid society.         

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Document Title: Higher education and social transformation: South Africa case study
Project Title: The role of universities in the transformation of societies
Institution: Council on Higher Education (CHE)
City and Country: Pretoria, South Africa

Document Type:Research Report (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Students
Country:South Africa
Keywords:Higher Education, Social Reconstruction, Apartheid and Higher Education, Racial Discrimination, Student Politics, Higher Education Policy

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Rights:Permission to reproduce this paper was granted by the CHE.
Date Added:10 March 2008

Reddy, Thiven (2004). Higher education and social transformation: South Africa case study Pretoria, Cape Town, Council on Higher Education (CHE)