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Epistemological access to the university: An alternative perspective

Boughey, Chrissie


The need to increase the number of African students studying at tertiary level, particularly in science, technology and commerce, has led to the establishment of foundation programmes at many institutions.  In spite of attempts to provide formal access in this way, the issue of what constitutes ‘epistemological’ access still remains under-researched in South Africa. This paper uses an ethnographic study of students in a first year class at a historically black South African university in order to engage with the issue of epistemological access to the university in general and, more particularly, with what constitutes access in terms of language development.

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Document Title: Epistemological access to the university: An alternative perspective

Document Type:Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Teaching and Learning
Country:South Africa
Keywords:Access to Higher Education, Equity, Language Proficiency, Literacy, Academic Development, Bridging Programmes, South Africa

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Rights:UNISA Press
Date Added:25 January 2007

Boughye, C. 2005. Epistemological access to the university: an alternative perspective. South African Journal of Higher Education, 19 (3): 638-650