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Higher education and work: setting a new research agenda

Koen, Charlton


This book comprises two papers, namely " An analysis of research on graduate employment in South Africa" and " Challenges facing the education, training and employment of South Africa's scientific labour force".  The first paper seeks to describe the state of research on graduates in South Africa and addresses the value of the research material from graduate tracer studies.  The analysis is based on data from national graduate, institutional surveys and questionnaires.  The author emphasises the fact that there should be greater efforts made to determine the scope of existing knowledge about graduates and to develop a research agenda that will fill the knowledge gaps.

The second paper focuses on the state of high-level knowledge production at universities and technikons as from 2000. Koen addresses core issues such as the state of postgraduate training, the quality of the academic workforce and the state of research output.  He discusses the many challenges that face the promotion of South Africa's scientific workforce and briefly comments on the quality of academic workers.  Recommendations are offered in conclusion to the discussion.                            


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Title of Paper: Higher education and work: setting a new research agenda
Publisher: Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)
City: Cape Town, South Africa

Document Type:Book (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Research
Country:South Africa
Keywords:Research, Graduate Employment, South Africa, Graduate Unemployment, Institutional Research, Knowledge Production, Postgraduate Training

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Koen, Charlton (2006). Higher education and work: setting a new research agenda Cape Town, South Africa: Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)