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A model of cooperative education on peace support operations in Africa

De Montfort, Pierre Juan

The focus of this study is on a model of co-operative education on Peace Support Operations (PSO) in Africa.  PSO are multi-functional operations involving military forces and diplomatic humanitarian agencies. They are designed to achieve humanitarian goals or a long-term political settlement, and are conducted impartially in support of a UN mandate.  The market for Education, Training and Development (ETD) in the field of PSO is growing, as South Africa is becoming increasingly involved in peacekeeping missions on the African continent.  At present, there is no co-operative education programme on generic PSO on the operational or strategic level presented by any of the major universities in South Africa in order to enhance other PSO training.  According to the author, a model of co-operative education on PSO in Africa will satisfy the need for tertiary education, improved knowledge, change attitudes and assist to solve conflict in Africa.  The thesis also focuses on the delivery method, training material and activities for the teaching of the learning programmes and curriculum.  The study concludes that the means to resolve the challenge of institutions of higher learning to assist in the peace drive in Africa is through academic selection, experiential training support and lifelong learning commitments to peacekeeping instruction.       

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Document Title: A model of cooperative education on peace support operations in Africa
Academic Department: School for Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Faculty of Management Sciences
University: Central University of Technology
City: Free State
No. of Pages: 295

Document Type:Thesis (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Teaching and Learning
Country:African Continent
Keywords:Cooperative Learning, Peace, Developing countries, Curriculum, Education and Training

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Rights:Permission granted by author
Date Added:07 February 2008

De Montfort, Pierre Juan (2007). A model of cooperative education on peace support operations in Africa Phd Thesis, Central University of Technology, Free State, South Africa