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Ugandan universities: the challenge of quality

Lejeune, Michel

The article defines quality assurance (QA) in the international as well as the African higher education contexts, with examples drawn from universities in Uganda. It identifies the major challenges facing African universities in their effort to meet the standards. It ends with suggestions for the way forward, such as, the need for African universities to accept QA as a must; to appreciate and accept the regulatory agencies' roles and their recommendations; to ensure that institutions are honest as they strive to reach standards; QA agencies to support and guide universities; and the institutions to lend a helping hand to the national regulatory agencies in order to improve the quality of higher education.

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Document Title: Ugandan universities: the challenge of quality
Journal: The Higher Education Review: Journal of the National Council for Higher Education
Volume: vol.2
Issue: no.2
No. of Pages: p.31 - 37

Document Type:Journal Article (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Institutional Management
Keywords:Academic Quality, Quality Assurance, Quality Assessment, Quality of Higher Education, Quality Audits, Quality control, Quality Management, Quality Assurance Agency, Regulation of Higher Education, Higher Education

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Rights:Permission granted by author and publisher
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Lejeune, Michel (2005). Ugandan universities: the challenge of quality The Uganda Higher Education Review. Journal of the National Council for Higher Education, vol.2 no.2 October 2005.