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Financing higher education in Uganda

Bakkabulindi, Frederick

This article analyses the constraints of funding universities in Uganda. It highlights the current situation in the face of resource constraints leading to inadequate staffing, deteriorating infrastructure, and declining research output, among concludes with suggestions for the way forward.
The basic theme in this article is that Uganda's higher education institutions will only be revitalized by reducing their dependence on State funding, not increasing it. The higher education sector has to be freed up completely, with a level playing field created for all institutions (including existing State institutions) where by all such institutions are required to charge full cost, non-subsided fees (e.g. Tayebwa,2004,March 29), and government's role is primarily to provide financial support to needy and able students only, so that they can attend any higher education institution, including those developed by the private sector, and to recover most of this support from students once they are in employment. In such an environment,the private sector will almost certainly enter the field and develop institutions that will compete with the existing State institutions. Fair competition will result in all institutions being more efficient, effective and responsive, and opportunities for enrolment in higher education will be expanded at an ultimately reduced cost to the public sector.

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Title of Paper: Financing higher education in Uganda
Publisher: Nkumba University School of Education, Humanities and Sciences
City: Entebbe

Document Type:Other
Subject Area:Finance and Physical Resources
Keywords:Financing of Higher Education, Privatisation of Higher Education, Uganda, Financial Diversification, Income Generation

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Bakkabulindi, Frederick (2006). Financing higher education in UgandaNkumba University Education Journal vol.1 March 2006