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The challenges of improving the quality of education teachers

Bigala, J.C.B


This article reviews the salient features of teachers' education with particular reference to Africa and suggests some ways in which its content, materials and methods can be improved. It emphasizes the need for all African countries to adapt more drastic steps for education systems that are more close to the real problems and preoccupations of local and national communities. Specifically, it attempts to provide solutions on the following questions:
How can the educators of different countries, possibly working together,improve the effectiveness of teachers already in the educational institutions and attract people, prepare them with higher qualifications, allocate them to the educational institutions where they are most needed, and hold them in the profession with the high morale and steadily improving competence?.

And how can all this be done at a cost we can afford?" In other words, how can we revolutionize teaching so that some of the best minds and talents are available at times and places where learners, young and adult most needed them? (Marope and Chapman).

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Title of Paper: The challenges of improving the quality of education teachers

Document Type:Journal Article
Subject Area:Teaching and Learning
Keywords:Teacher Education, Teacher Qualifications, Teacher Training, Teaching Quality, Teacher Development, Teaching Materials, Pedagogy

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Date Added:11 December 2007

Bigala, J.C.B (2006). The challenges of improving the quality of education teachers. Nkumba University Journal, Vol. 1: 103-114