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Investing in return: rates of return of African PhDs trained in North America

Brhane, Mesky; Kassimir, Ronald; Pires, Mike

Donors who support the training of African Phd students at North American universities are addressing the question on whether this funding contributes towards development and capacity building in Africa. This study addresses this issue by including a survey that was undertaken as well as statistics that provide the reader with information on the return rates of Phd students to their home countries in Africa upon completion of their studies. The survey includes calculations on the number of African Phd's produced over an 11 year period ( 1986-1996) and the rate at which they return to Africa. Correlations between rates of return and a range of variables are provided which include, amongst others, the home country of the degree holder, age and gender. The study attempts to show the cause of and the magnitude of the African "brain drain". 

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Title of Paper: Investing in return: rates of return of African PhDs trained in North America
Publisher: Social Science Research Council
City: New York

Document Type:Research Report
Subject Area:National Systems and Comparative Studies
Country:African Continent
Keywords:Rates of Return, Brain Drain, Capacity Building, Human Resources Development HRD, Ph D Students, United States

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Rights:Social Science Research Council
Date Added:18 January 2007

Brhane,M, Kassimir,R.,Pires,M.( 1999 ). Investing in return: rates of return of African Phd's trained in North America. Social Science Research Council: New York