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Financing university education libraries in Zambia

Simui, Muyoyeta H.; Kanyengo, Christine W.


The general objective of this study was to investigate the funding situation and the impact that levels of funding to university libraries such as the University of Zambia (UNZA), Library and Copperbelt University (CBU) have had on the provision of library and information services.  Data was collected via interviews with university administrators, lecturers and librarians, questionnaires as well as the analyses of budgets.  The specific objectives were to 1) explore the nature university libraries' budgeting process, 2) identify factors that determine the proportion of funding for library and information services, 3) examine the trend in funding university libraries from 1980-1999 and 4) examine the effects of the funding situation on the ability to provide the intended library and information services.

The study revealed that university libraries in Zambia are operating under hard conditions of inadequate or lack of financial resources.  The library collections hold outdated materials and face depletion.  Amongst other suggestions, the authors recommend that the government should release the grant for universities in either one lump sum or two six month installments to assist the institutions in planning their activities more adequately.

The authors include suggestions for expanding this area of research with the following questions: How is the grant from the government utilized in the universities, and how is the income generated from fundraising ventures utilized by central administration in the univerisities?            

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Title of Paper: Financing university education libraries in Zambia
City: Accra, Ghana

Document Type:Research Report
Subject Area:Finance and Physical Resources
Keywords:Financing of Higher Education, Universities, Library and Information Services LIS, Zambia, Budgeting, Budgetary indicators

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Simui, Muyoyeta H.; Kanyengo, Christine W. (2001). Financing university education libraries in Zambia Study programme for the management of higher education in Africa, AAU, Accra, Ghana