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De-colonizing journalism curricula: a research & 'development’ perspective

Papoutsaki, Evangelia


This paper argues that there is a need to decolonise journalism curricula and practices from the prevailing western models. Putting journalism curricula in the wider context of higher education in developing and non western countries is an important step towards this direction. The paper looks at journalism education from a society/region's specific knowledge and information needs, placing attention on external factors such as the importance placed on western values, education and journalism practices. It questions the western dominance in journalism curricula and practices and discusses how journalism curricula in non-western and developing countries require a different approach to content and delivery and places emphasis on the value of research as a pedagogical and epistemological tool.

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Title of Paper: De-colonizing journalism curricula: a research & 'development’ perspective
City: Singapore

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Subject Area:Teaching and Learning
Keywords:Curriculum, Higher Education Studies, Journalism

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Date Added:19 November 2007

Papoutsaki, Evangelia (2007). De-colonizing journalism curricula: a research & ‘development??? perspective. Paper presented at the AMIC conference, Singapore, June 24-27.