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HIV/AIDS on the campus: universities and the threat of an epidemic

Egero, Bertil

The HIV/AIDS pandemic enters its third decade of expansion.  In Sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Africa is extremely hard hit, while West Africa is better spared.  To date there has not been a single and effective response to the pandemic.  Universities, the site of intellectual excellence, should stand in the forefront in fighting the struggle against AIDS.  Calls for mainstreaming the epidemic into research are yet to be found.  This paper summarises the initial work to address the question why universities respond the way they do.  The answer is sought not in the attitudes or behaviour of individuals in leading positions, but in the actions of universities as organisations or institutions. Makerere University, the prime university in a country whose leadership is known to have responded early and with determination to the AIDS epidemic, is the case used for this study.  The paper analyses developments in Makerere during the period from the early 1990s. The answers offered to the question why in fact universities avoid responding are backed up with references to relevant approaches in organisational theory.

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Title of Paper: HIV/AIDS on the campus: universities and the threat of an epidemic
City: Lund, Sweden

Document Type:Paper
Subject Area:Institutional Management
Keywords:HIV AIDS, HIV AIDS and Higher Education, Makerere University, Case Study

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Rights:Permission granted by the author.
Additional information:This paper has achieved publication in the Eastern African Social Science Review, Vol. 22, No. 2, June 2006.
Date Added:31 October 2007

Egero, Bertil (2006). HIV/AIDS on the campus: universities and the threat of an epidemic Lund University,Sweden.