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Financing of higher education in Africa

Kagia, Ruth

This chapter examines the following key issues: What does the reform agenda for higher education look like?  What are the main factors driving the reform?  What strategies are available for achieving a sustainable funding base for Sub-Saharan  Africa higher education?  What is the policy of the World Bank towards Sub-Saharan Africa?  The author discusses these topics separately.  The chapter contains tables and graphs as well as an appendix indicating the most recent World Bank projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Title of Paper: Financing of higher education in Africa
Publisher: Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS)
City: Lemma BV, GH UTRECHT
Contributor: Ben Jongbloed and Hanneke Teekens

Document Type:Chapter in Book
Subject Area:Finance and Physical Resources
Country:African Continent
Keywords:Financing of Higher Education, Higher Education, Sub Saharan Africa, Reforms of Higher Education, World Bank Policies, World Bank Projects

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Additional information:The chapter is a conference paper that was presented in the Hague entitled
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Kagia, Ruth (2000). Financing of higher education in Africa. In Ben Jongbloed and Hanneke Teekens (eds), The financing of higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa Utrecht, The Netherlands: CHEPS, 53-67