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Private Higher Education in Africa

Varghese, N.V.

Public universities had a near monopoly in providing higher education in countries of Africa until recently.  The market-friendly reforms initiated under the structural adjustment programmes, the deregulation policies, and the financial crisis of the state created an encouraging environment for the emergence of the private higher education sector in Africa.  The legislative measures initiated to establish private institutions of higher education also helped the entry of cross-border education, which is offered mainly through private providers.  At present, the private sector is a fast expanding segment of higher education in Africa, although it still continues to account for a small share of enrolment in higher education.  This paper attempts to analyse the growth and expansion of private higher education in Africa.    

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Title of Paper: Private Higher Education in Africa
Publisher: UNESCO
City: Delacroix, Paris

Document Type:Booklet
Subject Area:National Systems and Comparative Studies
Country:African Continent
Keywords:Private Higher Education, Developing countries, Privatisation of Higher Education, Private Sector

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Date Added:26 September 2007

Varghese, N.V. (2004). Private Higher Education in Africa, Delacroix, Paris: UNESCO