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Makerere University in transition 1993-2000: opportunities and challenges

Musisi, Nakanyike B.; Muwanga, Nansozi K.


Both Makerere University and the nation of Uganda are engaged in a process of reform that is attracting comment from both internal and external observers.  The university has developed a distinctive model of reform that is worth documenting.  Driven by the 1992 Government of Uganda Education Policy White Paper and national policies of liberalization, privatization and decentralization, Makerere University is today a university in transition.  Until 1991, Makerere University relied totally on government funding for both tuition and living expenses for all its students.  From 1992, the government of Uganda initiated a high-priority focus on primary education that decreased government remittances to Makerere, leaving academic programmes severely underfunded.  Buildings were in advanced stages of disrepair, and staff were grossly underpaid and demoralized.  In the meantime, the demand for university admissions far outstripped the physical infrastructure. 

The key objective of this case study of Makerere University is to help the university acquire a broad frame of reference for strategic thinking and planning of institutional development.  To do this, the study will outline factors behind Makerere's transition, detail consequences of the transition and assess its prospects for sustainable development.  The broader objectives include:

  • identifying and documenting the causes, nature, process and consequences of reform in the university and its surrounding system; 
  • reinforcing and accelerating positive changes within the university; 
  • identifying opportunities for external assistance in the transformation process; and
  • stimulating funding from donors, including external and internal (e.g. alumni), strategic investments and other financial sources for the university.

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Title of Paper: Makerere University in transition 1993-2000: opportunities and challenges
Publisher: Fountain Publishers
City: Kampala, Uganda

Document Type:Booklet (Peer Reviewed) ( 103 pages)
Subject Area:National Systems and Comparative Studies
Keywords:Makerere University, Transition, Institutional Transformation, Governance, Restructuring, Case Study

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Rights:Permission to use this paper was granted by the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa.
Date Added:22 August 2007

Musisi, Nakanyike B.; Muwanga, Nansozi K. (2003). Makerere University in transition 1993-2000: opportunities and challenges, Kampala, Uganda: Fountain Publishers, 1-103