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Gender in the making of the Nigerian university system

Pereira, Charmaine


This study maps the changing character of the university system in Nigeria, with a particular focus on gender. Charmaine Pereira analysis furthers our understanding of the gendered workings of university education by examining four questions:

  • How have gendered structures and processes at the systemic and contextual levels affected the institutional level, namely universities?
  • In what ways have the workings of the university system contributed to bringing about gender differentials?
  • How have women contributed to policy issues in university education?
  • What are the gender implications of existing reforms of the university system?

Following the Introduction, in Chapter Two the study discusses the historical basis for the educational system in Nigeria, as the overall system within which the university system is located.  The intention is to draw attention to the regional, subregional and class dimensions of the system, which configure gendered processes and relations that continue to have an impact today.  The discussion then turns in Chapter Three to the post-colonial context within which the university system has grown in Nigeria.  The contemporary configuration of university education and its gender politics form the subject of Chapter Four, exploring the legal framework underlying the system and the nature of the educational bureaucracy. Chapter Five examines the policy environment and the relations between the university system and the job market.  This is followed by Chapter Six that addresses the politics of funding the university system and its implications for the quality of university education.  Universities are examined as gendered institutions in Chapters Seven and Eight, focusing on access, student enrolment, academic staff strength as well as institutional culture and equity agendas.  Finally, sites of reform in the university system and the implications for greater gender equity are discussed in Chapter Nine, before presenting the conclusions and recommendations in Chapter Ten.


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Title of Paper: Gender in the making of the Nigerian university system
Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books (Nigeria) Plc
City: Nigeria

Document Type:Booklet (Peer Reviewed) ( 203 pages )
Subject Area:Students
Keywords:Gender, Nigeria, Universities, Women in Higher Education, Gender Inequality, Policy Issues, Institutional Culture, Funding

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Date Added:22 August 2007

Pereira, Charmaine (2007). Gender in the making of the Nigerian university system, Ibadan,Nigeria: Heinemann Educational Books (Nigeria) Plc, 1-203