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Postgraduate supervision and academic support: students’ perceptions

Lessing, AC. & Schulze, S

Postgraduate supervision in South Africa currently takes place in the context of university transformation, increasing numbers of disadvantaged students and appeals for improved completion rates. Thus there is concern for quality. Among others, quality is determined by the extent to which students’ expectations are met.  Data about students’ perceptions of supervision provides important information about their expectations and if these are satisfied. Survey research was employed to determine distance education students’ perceptions of their postgraduate supervision in the Faculty of Education, University of South Africa.  Students had to rate the supervision they were given regarding the stated outcomes of these degrees. Their judgments of individual styles of supervision were also determined.  Finally, students had to describe the most rewarding or frustrating aspects of their studies and what they would recommend regarding postgraduate supervision. The article concludes with suggestions to enhance the quality of supervision. These include the training of supervisers.

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Title of Paper: Postgraduate supervision and academic support: students’ perceptions
Publisher: UNISA Press
City: South Africa

Document Type:Journal Article
Subject Area:Teaching and Learning
Country:South Africa
Keywords:Postgraduate supervision, University of South Africa UNISA, Faculties of Education, Supervision, Postgraduate Research, Academic support

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Lessing, AC., Schulze, S. ( 2003 ).Postgraduate supervision and academic support: students perceptions In South African Journal of Higher Education, 2002. 16(2):139-149, South Africa: UNISA.