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Politics of participatory decision making in campus governance

Obondoh, Andiwo

Governance of higher education involves the authority to make decisions about fundamental policies and practices in several critical areas concerning colleges and universities. These areas stretch from their number and location, their mission, their enrolment size, access of students to their instructional programmes and access of the public to other auxiliary services on offer. Other issues of concern include degree requirements, standards expected in student performance, the quality of research and public service activities, the freedom available to individual faculty members in their instructional and research efforts, the appointment of staff, internal organizational structure, the allocation of available resources to operating and support programmes.  The dilemma is therefore the location of authority to resolve, manage and control these issues/contentions. As the original study, this essay is all about academic governance or
democratic management of campus affairs. It focuses on managerial decision-making, causes of varsity crises, organizational life, higher leadership and stakeholder participation in management of higher education in Kenya.

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Document Title: Politics of participatory decision making in campus governance
Institution: University of Nairobi
City and Country: Nairobi

Document Type:Paper (Not Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Institutional Management
Keywords:Decision Making, Governance, Universities, Kenya, Management of Higher Education, Leadership, Participative Management

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Rights:Permission to use this paper was granted by the author.
Date Added:10 August 2007

Obondoh, Andiwo (2001). Politics of participatory decision making in campus governance Faculty of Education, University of Nairobi, Kenya.