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The theory-practice discourse in initial teacher education: perspectives, and prospects

Ssentamu, Namubiru


The study is inspired by the different teacher training traditions in three countries I have had the opportunity of exposure, experience and knowledge, namely: Uganda, Great Britain (England & Wales), and Germany. Having done my Bachelor of Arts degree with Education in Uganda, Master of Arts degree in England and currently a PhD in Germany, I have keenly noted with great interest the various ways in which teacher training is interpreted and implemented.

The study is intended to enable an identification and illumination of varying theory-practice perspectives by analysing the similarities and differences (e.g. institutional systems and practices) in these countries as well as a search for possible explanations in terms of national likeness and unlikeness. It is also hoped that the study will lead to an identification of the theory-practice gaps and proposal possible solutions. This way, students, educationists, and policy makers may gain insight and a deeper understanding of general theory-practice issues as well as particular issues of central concern in these countries.

Due to certain peculiarities of the educational settings cited in this study, some of the original words and phraseologies used have been left intact. This is especially so for the German readership, where certain expressions have no English equivalent. However, attempts have been made to translate the German words or phrases used into English as seen in the glossary, parentheses or footnotes.

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Document Title: The theory-practice discourse in initial teacher education: perspectives, and prospects
Academic Department: Education
University: Bayreuth University
City: Bayreuth, Germany
No. of Pages: 272

Document Type:Thesis (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:National Systems and Comparative Studies
Keywords:Teacher Education, Discourse , International Comparisons, Teacher Training, Models, Educational Theory

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Rights:Author self-archived.
Date Added:02 August 2007

Ssentamu, Namubiru (2006). The theory-practice discourse in initial teacher education: perspectives, and prospects. PhD thesis, Bayreuth University, Germany.