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Forestry education as a corporate social responsibility in Uganda

Buyinza, Mukadasi


The forest sector is undergoing profound changes. The new perceptions of forests and forestry as complex soft systems; the changing roles of public, private sector and of civil society; the changing perceptions of the social, economic and environmental values of different types of forests; and the globalisation and commoditisation of many forest products and services. Society increasingly sees forests as  producers of public goods and not private commodities. These changes present both strategic and practical challenges, constraints and opportunities for forestry education. Forestry education will, both by necessity and design, continue to adapt to the changing technologies and practices relevant to society. Therefore, forestry graduates need to become more flexible, adaptable, and need to be proficient in communicative processes including interpersonal skills, experienced in procedures of integration, and committed to continuous learning. The important changes in forestry  education include the shift from teacher-to student-centred learning and rapid technological developments. If forestry education is to meet its new challenges, it needs to undergo deep transformation. This paper discusses the changing social perceptions and demands onto the forest sector and their implications to forestry education. It reflect on the current status of forestry education, and describes the drivers for change in the delivery of forest education in Uganda. 

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Document Title: Forestry education as a corporate social responsibility in Uganda
Institution: Noragric, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
City and Country: As, Norway

Document Type:Paper (Not Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Contributory Studies and Research Approaches
Keywords:Cooperative Learning, Curriculum, Educational Change, Environment, Environmental Education, Uganda, Student Centred Learning

File Size:137 KB
Rights:Author self-archived.
Additional information:A paper published in the Norwegian Association for Development Research newsletter NFU-Nytt, Nr. 1-2006
Date Added:26 July 2007

Buyinza, Mukadasi (2006). Forestry education as a corporate social responsibility in Uganda Norwegian Association for Development Research, As, Norway