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The Zaweka HIV/AIDS peer education project

Vergnani, Tania; Jacobs, Joachim

The ZAWECA HIV/AIDS Peer Education Project was a two-year collaborative project between the University of the Western Cape and the University of Zambia funded by the South Africa Norway Tertiary Education Development Programme. The specific objectives of ZAWECA were to: establish formal links between the two institutions in order to build capacity in the field of HIV/AIDS peer education; develop and implement appropriate universitybased HIV/AIDS peer education programmes aimed at changing student attitudes and perceptions, and developing appropriate lifeskills; evaluate the effectiveness of the peer education programmes through a process of joint monitoring and evaluation; and disseminate information and research relating to the project.

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Document Title: The Zaweka HIV/AIDS peer education project
Institution: University of the Westen Cape and the University of Zambia

Document Type:Paper (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Students
Keywords:South Africa, Zambia, HIV AIDS, HIV AIDS and Higher Education, Capacity Building, Peer Educators, Life Skills

File Size:1.08 MB
Additional information:A South Africa-Norway Tertiary Education Development Programme
Date Added:05 July 2007

Vergnani, Tania; Jacobs, Joachim (2005). The Zaweka HIV/AIDS peer education project. Project close-out report, July, 2005.