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Leadership in academic institutions

Effah, Paul

This book discusses the general principles of leadership within a broad theoretical framework and relates them to practical situations within the academic environment.  As strong leadership and business skills are increasingly becoming important attributes of leaders and senior managers of tertiary education institutions, a structured and systematic leadership training will assume greater importance and become a permanent feature of the academic landscape.  The emphasis on leadership in this book is to underscore the importance of creativity, vision and innovation in meeting the challenges that the twenty-first century holds for tertiary education institutions.  The author discusses the various approaches to leadership and its challenges in the academic environment.  The manual concludes with suggestions of ways to alleviate leadership challenges. 

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Title of Paper: Leadership in academic institutions
Publisher: National Council for Tertiary Education
City: Legon-Accra, Ghana

Document Type:Booklet (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Institutional Management
Keywords:Leadership, Leadership Styles, Leadership Qualities, Academic Leadership

File Size:403 KB
Rights:Permission to reproduce this manual was granted by the author.
Date Added:01 June 2007

Effah, Paul (2003). Leadership in academic institutions Legon-Accra, Ghana: National Council for Tertiary Education, 1-70