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Managerialism within a framework of co-operative governance?

Kulati, Tembile; Cloete, Nico

This chapter draws on research and case studies from South Africa to demonstrate the complexities of the ways in which institutions, and particularly institutional management, respond to an increasingly perplexing set of demands from their own staff, government, society and global developments. The chapter begins with a discussion of the evolution of the governance debate in South Africa and the emergence of new governance models with the demise of the apartheid era. The next section details contemporary changes in institutional governance and leadership, followed by an analysis of various pressures that may be pushing South African higher education governance and management towards 'managerialism', within a policy framework of cooperative governance. The concluding section argues that managerialism can be found either everywhere or nowhere, depending on one's perspective. Indeed, while there are global characteristics to the managerial movement in higher education, a complete picture of what is happening with governance and management in specific countries cannot be understood without reference to the complexity of local governance relationships.

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Chapter Title: Managerialism within a framework of co-operative governance?
Book Title: The higher education managerial revolution?
Edited by: Amaral, A., Meek, L.V. and Larsen, I.M.
City: Dordrecht
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
No. of Pages: 229-251

Document Type:Chapter in Book (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Institutional Management
Country:South Africa
Keywords:Managerialism, Governance, Higher Education, South Africa, Case studies, Models, Leadership, Statistics

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Kulati, Tembile; Cloete, Nico (2003). Managerialism within a framework of co-operative governance? In Amaral,A.; Meek,L.V.; Larsen, I.M. (eds) The higher education managerial revolution?, Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 229-251