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Women in higher education management: the Nigerian context

Williams, Grace Alele

In this chapter, Williams provides an overview of the many obstacles that women in Nigeria have had to face in their quest to educate themselves.  The discussion highlights the needs and difficulties of the career woman who has, despite many constraints, excelled professionally.  The chapter comprises a survey taken at the University of Benin and Nigeria and this includes tables and statistics with regards to, amongst others, gender distribution among academic and administrative personnel, factors that prohibit women's access to education and results of several interviews conducted with women in academia.  The chapter concludes with an outline of the author's advice which professional women should follow in order to make it to the top.    

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Chapter Title: Women in higher education management: the Nigerian context
Book Title: Women in higher education management
Edited by: Hena Mukherjee
City: Place de Fontenoy, Paris
Publisher: UNESCO
No. of Pages: 135-145

Document Type:Chapter in Book (Peer Reviewed)
Subject Area:Staff
Keywords:Faculty, Women in Higher Education, Nigeria, Benin, Gender Distribution, Access, Equal Opportunities, Survey, Statistics

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Date Added:26 April 2007

Williams, Grace Alele (1993). Women in higher education management: the Nigerian context, In Hena Mukherjee (ed) Women in higher education management, place de Fontenoy, Paris: UNESCO, 135-145